Kableflags DIY Blank Tags 10 Count Cable Organization Labels

Kableflags DIY Blank Tags 10 Count Cable Organization Labels
Manufacturer: Kableflags
Manufacturer part number: KFA001

Each package of Kableflags DIY blank tags includes 10 blank reusable tabs to give you total flexibility to label all of your plugs and cables. Easy to use with our one-size-fits-all design enables easy identification of ham radio equipment, electrical appliances, computer equipment, audio and video systems, DC power and much, much more. There is no end to the number of places you can use Kableflags tabs–the easiest to use and best value cable tag on the market.

Just some to the uses in the hamshack for getting control of the tangled mess of cables

  • Coax cables and jumpers
  • AC voltage plugs, wall warts, and power strips, both 120V and 240V
  • DC voltage cables, Anderson Power Pole, Molex, T-connector, ring terminal terminated
  • Amplifier PTT, key, and band control cables, key/keyer cables, microphone, speaker, CAT Control, serial and USB cables
  • Computer cables, monitor, keybourd, mouse, and printer cables
  • Received audio system cables, splitter cables, speaker and headset cables
  • Transmitted audio system cables, microphone cables balanced and unbalanced, PTT cables

You can even use these blank, red Kableflags to simply code your cables by matching with other great colors in our range.

  • Soft and flexible plastic cable identification tags
  • Do-it-yourself write on labels
  • Organize your labels and cables
  • Great gift idea
  • Award winning design and the original Kableflag since 2003
  • Use a permanent marker for best results.