Terms of Service


    Please see our Shipping and Return Policy


    • Backorders

      Products not in stock are noted on the product page along with an extimated time to ship. Customers who wish to order out-of-stock products anyway may do so, and we will ship the item(s) as soon as possible. In the event that the item is not in stock in the stated timeframe, the customer will be offered the option to cancel for a refund (where applicable) or continue to wait on backorder. Rarely, we may be unable to ship an item that was noted as in-stock. In that event, the customer will be offered the option to cancel for a refund (where applicable) or to wait on backorder.

    • Incomplete Orders

      Carefully verify the contents of your order upon receipt. Check carefully in the packing materials for any small parts that may not be immediately visible. Report any discrepancies to us immediately.

    • Undeliverable and Returned Packages

      Depending on the reason for the return of an undeliverable package, there may be additional charges applied to your order. Verify that your shipping address is correct and that it is a valid location for carrier delivery. If the carrier charges us to return the package, we will need to charge you that amount before resending your item or to deduct that amount from your refund.


    • Payment Methods

      The following methods are accepted for payment.

      • Credit Card

      • PayPal

      • Check or Money Order

    • Gift Certificates

      Gift certificates are not currently available for purchase. Please contact us if you need a gift certificate.

    • Reward Points

      We are pleased to offer a hassle-free Reward Points Program that will result in extra value for returning, repeat customers. With our Reward Points Program you will earn points for purchases made on the site. One point is awarded for every $10 spent, not including taxes or shipping and handling. You may cash in points for purchases any time you have 25 or more accumulated points in your account. We reserve the right to alter the terms of this program or to cancel this program at any time without notice.

    • Currency Conversion

      At present, this site does not perform any currency conversion calculations. The exchange rate is soley dependent upon your credit card provider and/or PayPal. All payments by check or money order must be in United States dollars only.

    • Sales Tax

      Presently, we only collect sales tax for transactions with a shipping or delivery address in the State of Texas. We collect sales tax on the subtotal at a rate of 8.25%.


    • Accuracy of Product Descriptions

      Every effort is made to ensure that our product descriptions are accurate. We rely heavily on information provided by the manufacturer or--in some cases--the exporter. We cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in any product description where the information presented on this website about a product is an accurate transcription of the manufacturer's description. In the event that a description contains a typographical error or an error on the part of Houston Ham Radio Supply, Inc., we will honor a return for refund or exchange. Please also refer to our Shipping and Return Policy for more information.

    • Warranties

      Houston Ham Radio Supply, Inc., makes no warranties express or implied, about the products sold on this website with the exception of products manufactured or modified by Houston Ham Radio Supply, Inc. Many manufacturers offer some form of manufacturer's warranty and that information is generally provided in the User's Manual or elsewhere in the product packaging. Warrany information may also be available on some manufacturer's websites. Additionally, you may need to register some products after receipt in order to be eligible for the warranty.

    • Rebates

      We make every attempt to notify you of all manufacturer's rebates as an incentive for you to purchase our products. Be aware that you must usually provide a copy of your receipt which we provide, the UPC label cut from the product packaging, and fill out a form which is all submitted to the manufacturer's representatives within a certain timeframe.


    • Privacy Policy

      Please refer to our Privacy Policy

    • Governing Law

      These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Texas.


    • Holidays

      We do take a few holidays off every year, and will be unavailable by phone or email, and we will not be processing or shipping orders on the following dates.

      • Thanksgiving - November 22-23, 2018
      • Christmas - December 23-25, 2018
      • New Years - December 31, 2018 - January 1, 2019